Dr. Fred Cromartie, Director of Doctoral Studies and Chair of Sports Management

United States Sports Academy Director of Doctoral Studies/Chair of Sports Management Dr. Fred Cromartie and presented the aspects of a rare online doctoral program during a convention in St. Louis.

At the United States Distance Learning Association National Conference, the two professors gave a presentation on the Academy’s Doctoral Portfolio, which was adopted by the institution in 2009. The portfolio system helps students place the focus of their studies on research and independent writing as opposed to a written comprehensive examination. Although no other attendees of their session, which occurred on 4 May, were from institutions that had online doctoral programs, the portfolio concept drew a lot of interest. The professors spoke to delegates individually about the applications of a portfolio in other educational plans.

Dr. Scott Johnson, Chair of Sport Coaching

Dr. Cromartie earned his doctorate and a master’s degree from the Academy. He also has a master’s in Human Resource Development from Webster University and a bachelor’s from Ripon College. In addition to his roles as chair and director, he is a full-time faculty member.

Dr. Johnson received his doctorate and master’s from West Virginia University, where he also served as a graduate assistant, working with student-athletes. Dr. Johnson is also a full-time faculty member at the Academy.