Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll, the vice-president of Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics and an individual disabled athletes can turn to for prosthetic innovations that meet the challenges of elite competition or extreme sports, has been awarded a Distinguished Service Award (DSA) by the United States Sports Academy.

Carroll supported numerous Paralympians who participated in the Beijing Games in 2008, and his customized prosthetic solutions helped a double-leg amputee summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. His work with challenged athletes has been featured in national news programs and publications, such as Time magazine’s 2008 article, “Building a Better Athlete.” Additionally, he has applied his knowledge of athletic forces and movements to create the world’s first prosthetic tail fluke for an amputee dolphin alongside colleague Dan Strzempka at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a Florida marine park.

Carroll has served Paralympians and disabled athletes through research, hosting clinics, educating others and speaking at international events. He has spent more than a quarter century developing artificial limbs and is considered one of the world’s top prosthetists.

The DSA is given annually to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to national or international sports through instruction, research or service. The DSA is separate from the Academy’s Awards of Sport and each recipient also receives the coveted Order of the Eagle Exemplar for their achievements.

Each nominee must possess an extensive background in sports. This means that the individual must have had significant dealings in either instruction, research or service in sports for more than 10 years.