Mr. Russell Wilson, the great Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was presented with the 2015 Jim Thorpe All-Around Athlete Award  by Game of the Year Committee Member and former University of Washington Athletic Director, Mr. Mike Lude, at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Watch the video of the presentation on our YouTube channel here.

A gifted athlete, he can play his position so many different ways it boggles the mind. He can be the standard, drop-back quarterback, the scrambler, the run-first guy, the thinking man’s signal-caller, the game manager, the game changer, anything you want, he possesses in his bag of tricks with room to spare. Considered by most experts as too small to be a successful quarterback, at any level, never mind the NFL, Wilson, with his 5-foot-11, 206-pound frame has merely starred in high school, college and the pros.

The award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in multiple sports and/or multiple events of the same sport. This individual should exhibit qualities of versatility, strength, speed, flexibility, conditioning and training that exemplify superior athletic prowess.

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