GBSBThe United States Sports Academy will team up with the Spain-based GBSB Global Business School to provide online sports management courses to graduate students enrolled with the Spanish educator.

The agreement between the Academy and GBSB Global Business School calls for the teaching of the world renowned International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) program utilizing computer mediated technology. The Academy is an acknowledged leader in the field having first placed its courses completely online more than 25 years ago. The GBSB Global students who participate in the program are enrolled in the GBSB Global Business School master’s degree in sports management program.

The Academy’s internationally recognized ICSM program includes core management topics such as sports event planning, marketing and public relations, and facilities management. Courses focus on the development of professional sports management skills that are essential to designing and implementing sport-related programs.

GBSB Global Business School is a fully accredited private educational institution in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain that teaches business in English at undergraduate and graduate levels and is dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy.

“We are very excited about this collaboration as GBSB Global is part of the international community of ACBSP accredited schools,” Academy Provost Dr. Tomi Wahlstrom said. “Online education is gaining popularity in Europe and we are proud to be a part of it. We are looking forward to a long lasting partnership with our friends in Spain.”

“The educational partnership between GBSB Global and the United States Sports Academy is an excellent opportunity for all students pursing a MSc in Sports Management to obtain additional International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM), get a mentorship, access to services and sports management resources from the only accredited free-standing sports university in the United States,” GBSB Global Managing Director Antonio Rodríguez Engelmann said.