Dr. Arthur Ogden (left) meets with Dr. Fred Cromartie (right)

Two United States Sports Academy faculty members received significant promotions Friday, as Dr. Arthur Ogden was named Vice President of Development and Dr. Fred Cromartie was named Dean of Academic Affairs.

For Dr. Ogden, it’s a new chapter in a 40-year career in education. For Dr. Cromartie, it’s another milestone in his 15-year relationship with the Academy that began when he was a student in the Master’s degree program.

Dr. Cromartie first arrived at the Academy in 1995 to pursue a Master’s degree in sports medicine, his second Master’s degree. Upon completion of his Master’s, he pursued his Doctor of Education degree in sports management and began working for the Academy as a teaching assistant.

He began working for the Academy full-time as an admissions counselor and quickly worked his way up to the position of Director of Student Services. Dr. Cromartie joined the Academy faculty after completing his doctorate in 2000 and served as chair of sports coaching and sports medicine before becoming chair of the largest academic program of Sports Management in the world. He became Director of Doctoral Studies in 2008.

Dr. Cromartie earned his first Master’s degree in human resource development from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. He received his bachelor’s degree in leadership management at Ripon (Wisc.) College.

Dr. Ogden, the previous academic dean and former Assistant Athletic Director at Auburn University, has worked in education and sports for more than 40 years. He has been a head football coach and athletic director at both the high school and collegiate levels. He has also served as a dean of liberal arts, a graduate dean, and a college president.

He was recently appointed to the advisory committee for the Caribbean School of Sports Science, a new multi-national division of the University of Technology in Jamaica. He has taught overseas in Jamaica, Bahrain in the Middle East, and Botswana in Africa. A native of Miami, Fla., Dr. Ogden earned his Bachelor’s degree from LaSalle University, his Master’s degree from the University of Delaware, and his Doctor of Philosophy degree from Walden University.