Dr. Rosandich with Uganda First Lady

Uganda First Lady and Education and Sports Minister Janet Musevini with United States Sports Academy President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Thomas J. Rosandich meeting in New York City on Thursday, 22 September to discuss a protocol of cooperation between the East African country and the Academy. The two discussed improving the quality of sports and integrating sports as part of the learning process in schools in Uganda.

NEW YORK CITY — Mrs. Janet Museveni, Uganda’s First Lady and Minister of Education and of Sports, and United States Sports Academy President Dr. Thomas J. Rosandich recently met to discuss developing a Protocol for Cooperation for a cooperative effort to enhance sport in the East African nation.

The meeting on 22 September 2016 was held in conjunction with the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, where Rosandich was visiting to meet with leaders of several African nations with respect to the development of programs for youth and sports. The Academy’s efforts are in support of the important role to be played by sport as a means to achieving several of the U.N.’s established Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the U.N.’s long-term guidelines for global enhancement and improved sustainability that were adopted in by the General Assembly in June, 2015.

“We agreed that if Uganda partnered with USSA, this would help improve the quality of sports in the country,” Museveni said. “Ugandans will also recognize sports as an integral part of the learning process in schools.”

“As with many African nations, youth constitutes a very large portion of the Uganda population. Research has shown that among the best tools available to prepare youth for productive roles in society are well conceived and implemented sports programs. So the relationship between education and sports in the schools is a natural one. The United States Sports Academy has a long history of successfully assisting countries around the world with the development of their sports programs and we are looking forward to working with our Ugandan colleagues to make this a reality,” Rosandich said.

The Academy has been involved in sports related education and outreach programming with more than 65 countries around the world over the past half century.

The United States Sports Academy is an accredited, independent, nonprofit sport-specific institution located in Daphne, Alabama. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as certificate programs. The academy was created to serve the nation and world with programs in instruction, research, and service. The role of the Academy is to prepare men and women for careers in the profession of sports, and the Academy has awarded approximately 5,000 degrees, making it a national leader in sport education. For more information about the Academy, call (251) 626-3303 or visit www.ussa.edu.