The United States Sports Academy is seeking males ages 19-35 who are in good physical condition (moderate to hard cardio more than 30 minutes most days of the week) and endurance trained (preferably on a bicycle) to participate in a study for which they will be compensated upon completion.

The study is “The effects of post exercise consumption of Phase III Recovery on endurance capacity and fat utilization in healthy men.” In addition to the age and condition requirements, participants must do moderate to hard cardio more than 30 minutes most days of the week.

Participants in the study will learn their body composition (fat and muscle mass) and have their endurance training status (VO2max) measured.

The study requires five scheduled visits to the Academy’s lab. The first visit requires a test, a familiarization session and paperwork and will last 1 to 1.5 hours. Each ensuing visit (1 day per week for 4 weeks) lasts 8-9 hours and consists of a VO2max test, workouts and rest time. Follow-up visits must be at least seven days apart.

To learn more about the study or to register, contact Dr. Jordan Moon, Department Head, Sports Fitness and Health, at (251) 626-3303 or email