A United States Sports Academy team of sports education instructors have begun retraining 1,000 of Malaysia’s physical education teachers as part of a new pilot program.

The Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE) approved a pilot program with the university and it kicked off in June and runs through December. The program is being taught in six different locations throughout the country, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

The first Academy instructors are in Malaysia helping to retrain the country's physical education teachers. Pictured from left to right are: Tim Dornemann, Dr. Dale Reeves, Dr. Tim DeVinney, Dr. T.J. Rosandich, Stewart Edmondson, Dr. Lawrence Bestmann and Anthony Castelon.

For the pilot program, the Academy’s faculty developed a 10-course diploma program to teach in Malaysia, which was approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Authority (MQA), a national accrediting body.

Initially, six Academy educators are teaching in Malaysia. They will be joined in July and November by 14 other instructors to help deliver the program.

Leading the program is Dr. Dale Reeves, who has taught and coached basketball, football and softball at the high school level for about 35 years and who received his doctorate in Sports Management in 2002 from the Academy. In all, about 30 physical education instructors from the Academy will be involved in the Malaysia program.

The Academy’s relationship with Malaysia spans many decades, beginning when Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich coached track and field in the country when it gained independence in the 1950s. Currently, the Academy is delivering its International Certificate in Sports Management (ICSM) and International Certificate in Sports Coaching (ICSC) programs through the National Sports Institute (ISN) in Malaysia.

The Academy, also known as America’s Sports University, is the largest graduate school of sport education in the world and has delivered programs to more than 65 nations across the globe during its 40-year history.

Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Sports Anuar Shah (far right) speaks with the Academy's students at Tun Razak Teacher’s College in Kuching, Malaysia.

Dr. Rosandich says he looks forward to the Academy’s instructors helping Malaysia’s teachers have a significant impact on the country’s sports programs for youth.

“We are retraining them in the area of sport to help build interscholastic sports programs, which are key to the American sports system,” he says. “Having coached there years ago, I know Malaysia has great talent and it should be fun to work with its educators and young people.”

If you are interested in teaching opportunities overseas in Malaysia or elsewhere with the Academy, please forward a letter of interest, résumé, and three professional references to jobs@ussa.edu;  or to United States Sports Academy,  Attention: Dean of Administration and Finance, One Academy Drive, Daphne, AL 36526; or fax it to  251-621-2527.