Academy Vice President Dr. T.J. Rosandich (left) recently met with Rene Ndemezo Obiang, Gabon’s Minister of Youth, Sports, and Leisure, during a trip to the Central African nation to discuss sport development.

The Academy signed an agreement with Ali Ben Bongo Ondimba, the President of Gabon, in March of 2010, to bring its sport education programs to the nation. Under the agreement, the Academy will send a team of experts to Gabon to assess the current state of facilities, equipment, programs, and staff qualifications, as well as other associated aspects of Gabon’s sport program.

The nation of over 1.5 million citizens has participated in the Olympics since 1972 with its largest delegation participating in the 1996 Atlanta Games. Gabon made a splash in the sports world this past January in the Africa Cup soccer tournament with a 1-0 upset over four-time champion Cameroon.

For nearly four decades, the Academy has provided sport education programs to more than 60 countries throughout the world. From the beginning, the Academy’s general mission has been to serve the world as a sport education resource, upgrading sport through programs of instruction, research, and service.