Just as the United States Sports Academy prepares for the beginning of its College Football Game of the Year balloting, the Academy’s 2005 Sport Artist of the Year, Daniel Moore, has unveiled the official 2014 College Football Game of the Year painting, “Champions of a New Era.” The painting depicts Ohio State’s 42-20 victory over Oregon in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

Buckeye Head Football Coach, Urban Meyer, posted his third National Championship, depending on the talents of a third-string quarterback, Cardale Jones. Meyer is only one of two coaches to have posted championships at two different universities.

Coming into the playoffs as the Number 4 seed, Ohio State took charge of its own destiny with a solid 42-35 win over the Number 1 seed, Alabama, in the Sugar Bowl, which served as a semi-final game. From there, the Buckeyes went on to dominate the Number 2 seed, Oregon, in the championship game.

For the tenth consecutive year, the Academy will conducted its College Football Game of the Year program, which was developed in 2005 to pay tribute to a team whose efforts in a college football game exemplify the principles of high athletic endeavor, complete dedication to victory, and unified team effort. The College Football Game of the Year Award is a part of the Academy’s Awards of Sport series, which was established as “a tribute to the artist and the athlete.”

The members of the College Football Game of the Year Committee read like a “Who’s Who” in college football. Consisting of eminent sport leaders, the committee contains former athletic directors and/or individuals active in collegiate football, who meet the criteria to serve on the committee and exhibit no bias in their vote.

Committee chairman, Jack Lengyel, served as the former Athletic Director at the United States Naval Academy. He is best known for being the head coach who resurrected Marshall University’s football program as portrayed in the film “We are Marshall.”

“Champions of a New Era” is now available for purchase through New Life Art Publisher of Fine Additions, and each print has the options of being framed, matted, and signed.

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