Front row (L-R): Shari André (5 years), Secretary for Student Services, Becky Cochran (20), Admissions Assistant, Patty Wilson (20), Library Assistant, Debbie Neumeyer (5), Receptionist, Kristie Sheppard (5), Secretary of Administration, and Ina Kendall (5), Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs . Back row (L-R): Leigha Bolton (5), Administrative Assistant to the President, Matthew Ellis (5), Coordinator of Student Information Systems, Dr. Timothy Foley (5), Dean of Student Services, Annita Alldredge (15), Director of Finance, and Dr. T.J. Rosandich (35), Vice President and COO.

Front row (L-R): Shari André (5 years), Becky Cochran (20), Patty Wilson (20), Debbie Neumeyer (5), Kristie Sheppard (5), and Ina Kendall (5). Back row (L-R): Leigha Bolton (5), Matthew Ellis (5), Dr. Timothy Foley (5), Annita Alldredge (15), and Dr. T.J. Rosandich (35).

The United States Sports Academy awarded Meritorious Service Awards to several employees at its recent Dec. 13 Christmas celebration. They were honored for their length of employment that ranged from five to 35 years.

They staff members included:
35 Years – Dr. T.J. Rosandich, Vice President and COO
20 Years – Becky Cochran, Admissions Assistant, and Patty Wilson, Library Assistant
15 Years – Annita Alldredge, Director of Finance
5 Years – Kristie Sheppard, Secretary of Administration; Ina Kendall, Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs; Debbie Neumeyer, Receptionist; Dr. Timothy Foley, Dean of Student Services; Matthew Ellis, Coordinator of Student Information Systems; Shari André, Secretary for Student Services; and Leigha Bolton, Administrative Assistant to the President.