The Academy’s Sports Diploma program in Bahrain done in collaboration with the Bahrain Olympic Committee and its Chief Executive Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa opened Saturday, May 21, with 29 students at the National Stadium in Riffa in Bahrain.

A three-week trip through Greece, the Middle East and Malaysia by Academy Vice President Dr. T.J. Rosandich yielded new and exciting educational opportunities and strengthened current programs.

During his nearly 42,800-mile round trip in May, Rosandich made several stops. First, he landed in Olympia, Greece, to make a presentation on the information evolution wrought by the advent of the Internet at an International Olympic Academy conference.

His next stop was in Bahrain, to kick off the certificate in sports management program with Bahrain Olympic Committee Chief Executive Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa. That was followed up with a meeting with officials in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to discuss various sports education initiatives.

Finally, Rosandich ended up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he met with Dr. Dato Ramlan bin Abdulaziz, the Director General of the National Sports Institute of Malaysia, to put together a program for that country’s athletic trainers, called sports paramedics.

“We’ve had long and successful relationships in these areas and developed many sport programs,” Rosandich said. “The accumulation of all our hard work is that I’m looking forward to the future and new and exciting programs.”

Olympia, Greece

Rosandich traveled to the birthplace of the Olympics to lecture on the impact of the Internet and describe some of the pros and cons of Web 2.0 technology on May 12 at the IOA’s 11th Joint International Session. The conference topics focused on some 3,000 years of human existence and development and drew about 130 participants from more than 70 countries.

Because his presentation was so well received, Rosandich was selected by his fellow lecturers to deliver the closing remarks summing up the presentations.

“It was an honor to be so selected so I’m pretty happy about that,” Rosandich said.

The Sport Journal will publish the papers in a special Olympic edition in the near future. Rosandich’s presentation, “Information Technology and Sports: Looking Toward Web 3.0,” is already online in The Sport Journal, the world’s largest, peer-reviewed online journal of sport.

Bahrain and United Arab Emirates

The Academy’s Sports Diploma program in Bahrain done in collaboration with the Bahrain Olympic Committee opened Saturday, May 21, with 29 students at the National Stadium in Riffa. Dr. Simon Pack, an Academy national faculty member, is teaching the sports management course in Bahrain, which will include real-world experience for the students helping on a project or event with various sports associations and organizations.

Rosandich was interviewed live on air by Radio Bahrain and by TV to talk about the Academy and its sports activities for Bahrain since 1977.

In addition, Rosandich met with United Arab Emirates officials in Abu Dhabi to discuss continued work there. The Academy established the country’s master plan to develop sports there in the early 1980s and has provided educational programs in coaching and sports management.

“We’ve done everything there from special sessions teaching military soldiers how to swim to helping physical education teachers to assess the efficacy of their programs in the schools,” Rosandich said.


In the final leg of his three-week trip, Rosandich explained the sports medicine diploma program to Dr. Ramlan. Currently, the Academy is training about 18,000 of Malaysia’s physical education teachers in sport. In 2012, the Academy plans to begin the Sports Paramedic Diploma program to help train more athletic trainers there, after Malaysian officials recently approved the concept of the program.