The Federation of University Sport in China (FUSC-the Chinese collegiate sport sanctioning body similar to the NCAA) has announced an opportunity for a sport cultural exchange. The FUSC is willing to host a men’s or women’s basketball team between 11-31 August (although there may be some flexibility in the dates) in Beijing during which time the team would participate in joint basketball practices, workshops, and a couple of games with their Chinese collegiate counterparts. The program would also include cultural activities such as sightseeing. The program is for seven days in China, including the day of arrival and departure leaving five days on the ground in Beijing for a delegation of up to 20 players, coaches, and school officials. Included will be domestic transportation, local meals and accommodations in China. The team traveling will have to provide their own transportation to China and travel documents (e.g. passport valid for at least 6 months from August).

The FUSC is similarly seeking an opportunity to send one of their women’s collegiate teams to the United States for a similar type of program on a schedule that can be set based upon the respective teams. In so doing, the FUSC will cover the transportation costs to the U.S., accommodations, and meals for the delegation that is selected to participate.

Should you be interested in the program, please contact the United States Sports Academy by email at