With rolling enrollment, the Academy’s students start their courses as soon as they are accepted without having to wait for the next semester to begin. The Academy is proud to announce its latest monthly graduates:

Bachelor’s Students

  • Daniel Aregai (Mountain View, Calif.) – B.S.S. Sports Coaching
  • Brandon Christopher Hawkins (Oceanside, Calif.) – B.S.S. Sports Studies

Master’s Students

  • Willie June Bennett (Raleigh, N.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Studies
  • Megan Elizabeth Clark (Gray Court, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Clayton Dean Cotney (Newberry, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Casey Michael Gantt (Grayslake, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Dennys Gomez (Cape Coral, Fla.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Robert Colfax Hoyt IV (Capitola, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
  • Thomas Ray Jassman (Rock Springs, Wyo.) – M.S.S. Sports Management/Sports Studies Dual
  • Courtney Leigh Meisel Klebsch (Folsom, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management/Sports Coaching Dual
  • Eric Lee Nesbitt (Rock Island, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Ashley Elizabeth Perschall (New Orleans, La.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine
  • William Wesley Poplin (Ronda, N.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Kacy Marie Tillery (Kansas City, Kan.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Doctoral Students

  • Troy O’Neal Gamble (Anderson, S.C.) – D.S.M. Sports Management
  • Mark Richard Janas (Raleigh, N.C.) – Ed.D. Sports Management
  • Gregory A. King (Benton, Maine) – Ed.D. Sports Management