With rolling enrollment, the Academy’s students start their courses as soon as they are accepted without having to wait for the next semester to begin. The Academy is proud to announce its latest monthly graduates.


Bachelor’s Students

Teneisha Yvette Hall (Houston, Texas) – B.S.S. Sports Management

Ryan C. Kirkendoll (Ridgecrest, Calif.) – B.S.S. Sports Management

James R. Richardson (Morristown, N.J.) – B.S.S. Sports Management

Santron M. Van Rivers (Riverview, Fla.) – B.S.S. Sports Studies

Gregory W. Walker (Huntingdon, Pa.) – B.S.S. Sports Coaching


Master’s Students

Ramon Amezcua Jr. (Las Vegas, Nev.) – Dual M.S.S. Sports Management/Sports Medicine NCAA Compliance Emphasis

Joseph Andrew Connolly (Castile, N.Y.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching

Joedy Jullian Cook (Johnsonville, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Sarah V. Fortin (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health

Michelle Shantia Gilbert – Dual M.S.S. Sports Medicine/Sports Fitness and Health

Andrew C. Hill (Woodbury, Minn.) – Dual M.S.S. Sports Management/Sports Coaching

Darius Antonio Jones (Memphis, Tenn.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health

David Paul Learish (Clearfield, Pa.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Daniel Kenneth Moss (Anchorage, Alaska) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Brendan Patrick O’Toole (Rochester, N.Y.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Kenneth E. Proctor (Rock Hill, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

Lisa Anne Roach (San Francisco, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management

William Thomas Sloan (Kansas City, Kan.) – Dual M.S.S. Sports Management/Sports Coaching

Carlton Eugene Smith (Buford, Ga.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health

Joseph D. Vreonis (Oakley, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching

Kevin Sean Walker (Upper Marlboro, Md.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health

Chris Wandler (Red Deer, Alberta) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching

Sarah Elizabeth Yarina (Bossier City, La.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching


Doctoral Students

Christine Heather Welch (Ozark, Mo.) – Ed.D Sports Management Sports Leadership Emphasis