With rolling enrollment, the Academy’s students start their courses as soon as they are accepted without having to wait for the next semester to begin. The Academy is proud to announce its latest monthly graduates.

Bachelor’s Students
Terri L. Adams (Allentown, Penn.) – B.S.S. Sports Management
Julia A. Carrasco (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – B.S.S Sports Coaching
Michael Wayne Golden (Buna, Texas) – B.S.S. Sports Coaching

Master’s Students
Chadwick S. Ashley (Richlands, N.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Garrett A. Bacher (Ontario, N.Y.) – M.S.S Sports Coaching Personal Training Emphasis
John Virgil Bundrick (Batesburg, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Zachary W. Landers (Lawndale, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Joseph Allen Lawson (Plum Branch, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Tien-Sheng Lee (Irvine, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Art Mota (Albany, Ore.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching Sports Psychology Emphasis
Christopher Michael Myers (Waterboro, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching Recreation Management Emphasis
Eric Ryan Ruffer (Bryan, Ohio) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Brielle E. Sautter (Bellville, Ohio) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Derek J. Sola (Hamburg, Penn.) – M.S.S. Sports Studies
Lynn Stogner Tucker (University Place, Wash.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
Christopher L. Wells (Decatur, Ala.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Drew E. Wilcox (Russell, Penn.) – M.S.S. Sports Studies

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