With rolling enrollment, the Academy’s students start their courses as soon as they are accepted without having to wait for the next semester to begin. The Academy is proud to announce its latest monthly graduates.

Bachelor’s Students

  • Jesse Muir Cuslidge (Fresno, Calif.) – B.S.S. Sports Studies
  • Brandon Christopher Hawkins (Oceanside, Calif.) – B.S.S. Sports Studies
  • Mary Ann Shelley (La Porte, Texas) – B.S.S. Sports Management

Master’s Students

  • Damien Johann Burgess (Newport Beach, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine
  • Latanya Kimyaunda Deloach (Pearl, Miss.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Meredith Jane Dombach (New Holland, Pa.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine/Fitness and Health Dual
  • Timothy Matthew Dombrowski (Lansing, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
  • Jacob William Drohan (San Francisco, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Robert Michael Fetterick Jr. (Gowanda, N.Y.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Samir Golubovic (San Francisco, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • William G. Grace (Kosciusko, Miss.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine
  • Kami Jo Hagel (West Allis, Wisc.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Cindy Michelle Henry (Paragould, Ark.) – M.S.S. Sports Studies
  • Ronald Eugene Jacobs Jr. (Palm City, Fla.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Bryan Cecil Mahon (Cupertino, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Studies
  • Rachel Lynn McLaughlin (Camden, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine
  • Derrick Antoine Mitchell (Selma, Ala.) – M.S.S. Sports Coach/Studies Dual
  • Julia Maurin Monk (Vacaville, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
  • Elisha Ardine Morris (Breckenridge, Minn.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine
  • Russell Thomas Paddock (Brandon, Manitoba) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
  • Brian Lee Rogers (Plano, Texas) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Kenneth Manfred Rose (Petaluma, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
  • Marcelo Augusto Silva Serrano (Minas Gerais, Brazil) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
  • Thomas John Smargiassi (Pearl City, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Trent Takeshi Yong Tcheng (San Gabriel, Calif.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Derrick Vincent Tinsley (Mobile, Ala.) – M.S.S. Sports Management
  • Stephanie Rose Tucker (St. Petersburg, Fla.) – M.S.S. Sports Mgmt/Medicine Dual
  • Justin Patrick White (Port Orange, Fla.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching

Doctoral Students

  • Mark A. Still (Dover, Del.) – Ed.D. Sports Management