Mark Uren, left, and Luke Ingledew, right, take a break at the United States Sports Academy in front of Bruce Larsen’s sculpture “The Cyclist”.

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DAPHNE, Ala. –The Academy received two English cyclists en route to Buenos Aires, Argentina from Miami, Fla. on October 22, 2014. Mark Uren and Luke Ingledew are recreational cyclists who took five months off to complete this international trip through 13 different countries. Their journey will raise money for SOS Children’s Villages, a non-governmental organization which raises money to support child welfare: including aiding orphaned children throughout the world.

Uren said they wanted to select a charity which had relevance to the route chosen. Twelve of the thirteen countries Uren and Ingledew will bike through have SOS Villages. During their North and South America adventure, they will visit several of the organizations 2,100 facilities to raise awareness of the program’s mission. Currently through donations, the pair has raised about 15% of their $16,047.40 (£10,000) goal.

Braving unpredictable weather and averaging up to seventy-five miles per day, Uren and Ingledew will carry gear on their bikes weighing approximately 94 pounds. In the true spirit of an expedition, Uren and Ingledew have camped in open fields and slept on the couches of new-found friends during their journey.

When asked what influenced their decision to embark on this epic journey through the Western Hemisphere, Uren responded “the sense of adventure.” The two are no strangers to the prospect of a trip of totaling approximately 10,000 miles. Uren and Ingledew had previously traveled through Europe on an extended biking trip, and in 2012 had cycled from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico.

At the end of their journey, a live radio broadcast is planned and will be conducted by BBC Sussex.

To donate to their journey, visit: and to follow their journey, join their group on Facebook Mark & Luke’s Epic Cycle, round 3. Search #cycleamericas on Twitter for updated progress.

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