Two former professors of the United States Sports Academy returned to teach on international tours for the Academy this spring.

Dr. Skip Applin, the Academy’s former longtime Dean of Academic Affairs, and Dr. James Thoma, the former Chair of Sport Coaching, both taught on international teaching assignments.

Dr. Applin, who retired from his position as the Dean of Academic Affairs in 2007, taught a five-day certification course on Olympic Culture and Education. The course was delivered in cooperation with the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), as part of the International Certification in Sports Management program.  It was the first of five courses that will be offered by the Academy in Thailand this year.

“These programs give the Sport Authority of Thailand the opportunity to bring their leaders up to par on what is going on in the world of sport,” Dr. Applin said. “We are trying to upgrade what goes on in sport in the country of Thailand, and the Academy is providing the expertise.”

Students with a wide-range of sport careers attended the course to modernize and broaden their knowledge of the Olympic Movement. Significant sport occupations, such as Province Directors of the SAT and leaders of several Sports Federations were represented in the class.

Dr. Thoma, who is currently the Director of the Sports Business program at Mount Union University, traveled to Shanghai, China to teach for the Academy.

His teaching duties were in conjunction with the Shanghai Administration of Sports (SAS). He taught Sport Administration for Coaches courses, which comprised the first two sections of the seven-part series to be hosted by the (SAS) for the Academy’s International Certification in Sports Coaching (ICSC) program this year.