Dr. Skip Applin (right), Academy’s former longtime Dean of Academic Affairs, welcomed by Mr. Prachoom Boontiam, Director of Sports Personnel Development Division, during the opening ceremonies of the Academy’s International certification program in Thailand.

Dr. Skip Applin, the Academy’s former longtime Dean of Academic Affairs, and Dr. Stan Drawdy, a member of the Distance Learning Faculty, returned safely from their recent successful international teaching assignment in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Applin, who retired from his position as the Dean of Academic Affairs in 2007, taught a five-day certification course on Olympic Culture and Education to 30 eager students at the Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel. The course was delivered in cooperation with the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), as part of the International Certification in Sports Management program. It was the first of five courses that will be offered by the Academy in Thailand this year.

Students with a wide-range of sport careers attended the course to modernize and broaden their knowledge of the Olympic Movement. Significant sport occupations, such as Province Directors of the SAT and leaders of several Sports Federations were represented in the class.

“These programs give the Sport Authority of Thailand the opportunity to bring their leaders up to par on what is going on in the world of sport,” Dr. Applin said. “We are trying to upgrade what goes on in sport in the country of Thailand, and the Academy is providing the expertise.”

Along with setting an hour aside each day for students to approach him individually, Dr. Applin used the course textbook, PowerPoint presentations and handouts to insure each student fully understood the material. His use of effective techniques, visual aids and daily hands-on activities helped make the teaching assignment successful.

“I had the students doing things that they would actually be doing in the work place,” Dr. Applin said. “I chose projects that would fit in with the Olympism theme, which is to generate world understanding and world peace through sport. Most people do not recognize this theme and the program is an attempt to bring that out.”

As a part of the training, Students were asked to develop a flag that represented the culture of both their country and the Olympics.

Dr. Applin, who described the trip as a humbling experience, was pleased that his students ended the course with a 100 percent passing rate. In addition to preparing for two intense weeks prior to his assignment, Dr. Applin spent five hours each night in Thailand preparing for the following day’s instruction.

“I was amazed by how perceptive the students were to the information provided,” Dr. Applin said. “They wanted to learn. The students were motivated to be in the class. “

The Academy is proud of its association with Thailand and its contributions to Thailand sports. The next courses, Sports Administration and Sport Coaching and Methodology, will commence on Monday, 21 April 2014.

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