United States Sports Academy Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Vandy Pacetti-Donelson was presented with the Association for Educational and Communications Technology (AECT) Presidential Distinguished Service Award at the AECT Annual International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award is given each year for exemplary service to the association and to the field of instructional design.

Pacetti-Donelson, who joined the Academy in 2018, is also co-chair of the AECT Bylaws Committee. Tasked with reviewing, revising, and making recommendations to and about the governing documents of the AECT, the committee serves to improve the bylaws, policies, and procedures of the AECT.

With the support for her professional service activities, Pacetti-Donelson says she is proud to represent the Academy as part of the distance education community.

“When we serve our profession, we are also serving our students with the ideas we learn in collaboration with other professionals. We are serving our students well, and our impact reaches beyond our walls. The Academy has been a part of the history of distance education and I am happy to continue to be a part of that tradition in the field.”

Eric Mann
Author: Eric Mann

I am the Dean of Marketing, Communications, and Enrollment at the United States Sports Academy. I earned a bachelor's degree in communication and information sciences from the University of Alabama and am currently in the master's degree program in sports management at the Academy.