2005 Sport Artist of the Year Daniel Moore with the Academy's 2009 College Football Game of the Year Award painting.

2005 Sport Artist of the Year Daniel Moore with the Academy’s 2009 College Football Game of the Year Award painting.

Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy’s key third-down conversion in the 2009 Southeastern Conference Championship Game was relived through the colorful vision of Daniel Moore when the United States Sports Academy’s 2009 College Football Game of the Year painting was unveiled at an art show on the Academy’s Daphne campus Thursday.

At the “Tribute to Alabama Football” art show, Moore, the 2005 American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) Sport Artist of the Year, used the opportunity to pay tribute to the Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback.

“While most star quarterbacks are starting their junior year in high school, he was holding a clipboard while being backup to future Missouri Heisman Trophy candidate Chase Daniel,” Moore said. “But while he did not have the physical skills that other quarterbacks had, he knew what it took to be a winner.”

The painting depicts McElroy stepping out of bounds at the first down marker after tip-toeing outside the sidelines for a key third-down play in Alabama’s 32-13 victory over Florida.

Moore donated forty-one certified limited edition prints depicting the Alabama-Auburn football rivalry, and they were placed on sale through a silent auction during the show. These works are featured in Moore’s book Iron Bowl Gold. The prints depict each of the Alabama-Auburn games, traditionally called the Iron Bowl, played from 1948 through 1988. While the Alabama-Auburn series is now a “home and home” event, these games were played on a neutral site, Legion Field in Birmingham, during that 41-year span.

Copies of Iron Bowl Gold were purchased and personalized by Moore. Written by legendary football announcer, Keith Jackson, additional copies of the book are currently available in the Academy Bookstore.

The College Football Game of the Year Award was developed in 2005 to pay tribute to a team whose efforts in a college football game exemplify the principles of high athletic endeavor, complete dedication to victory, and unified team effort. The College Football Game of the Year Award is a part of the Academy’s Awards of Sport series, which was established as “a tribute to the artist and the athlete.”

College Football Game of the Year Committee

The members of the College Football Game of the Year Committee read like a “Who’s Who” in college football. Consisting of eminent sport leaders, the committee contains former athletic directors and/or individuals active in collegiate football, who meet the criteria to serve on the committee and exhibit no bias in their vote.


  • Mr. Jack Lengyel, Former AD, Naval Academy

Committee Members

  • Mr. Robert Casciola, Former CEO, National Football Foundation
  • Mr. Mike Cleary, Executive Director, NACDA
  • Mr. Ron Dickerson, Former Football Coach, Temple University
  • Mr. Vince Dooley, Former Football Coach, University of Georgia
  • Mr. James Jones, Former AD, Ohio State
  • Mr. Mike Lude, Former AD, University of Washington
  • Mr. Dave Maggard, Former AD, University of California
  • Mr. Daniel Moore, 2005 Sport Artist of the Year, United States Sports Academy
  • Ms. Christine Plonsky, Director of Women’s Athletics, University of Texas
  • Mr. Gene Policinski, Former Sports Editor, USA Today
  • Dr. Homer Rice, Former Football Coach, Georgia Tech
  • Mr. Dick Tamburo, Former AD, Arizona State
  • Mr. Roger Valdiserri, Former SID and Associate AD, Notre Dame
  • Ms. Jeane Willis, Senior Producer, SportsNet Television Station New York
  • Mr. Frank Windegger, Former AD, Texas Christian University
  • Dr. Richard Young, Former AD, Oklahoma State/Washington State

College Football Game of the Year Award Recipients

2006: Rutgers University
Rutgers 28, Louisville 25
2007: Appalachian State University
Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32
2008: Texas Tech University
Texas Tech 39, Texas 33
2009: University of Alabama
Alabama 32, Florida 13

2010 College Football Games of the Week

Week 1
Jacksonville State stunned the University of Mississippi in a 49-48 double-overtime upset win in Oxford, Mississippi.
Week 2
James Madison University surprised heavily-favored Virginia Tech in an exciting 21-16 victory.
Week 3
Using a fake field goal in overtime the Michigan State Spartans surprised Notre Dame and scored the winning touchdown in overtime 34-31.
Week 4
UCLA took a 1-2 record into Austin, Texas, and shocked the No. 7 Texas Longhorns 34-12.
Week 5
No. 4 Oregon fell behind No. 9 Stanford 21-3 in the first quarter, then mounted an offensive attack that took them past the Stanford Cardinal to post a 52-31 victory.