Historic Russian Physical Education School Reaches Agreement with Academy

Emblem for National State University of Physical Education, Sports, and Health

United States Sports Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich signed a protocol agreement with the National State University of Physical Education, Sports, and Health, named after P. F. Lesgaft, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which will allow cooperation between the Russian institution and America’s Sports University in program participation and student exchanges.

The agreement calls for the two institutions to inform one another about the parameters of specialized educational programs in sport science, physical education, and recreation in order to allow for participation from the other school. It also allows for exchanges of students between the two institutions.

Founded in 1896, the Lesgaft School is one of the oldest physical training educational institutions in the world. It was founded by Piotr Frantsovitch Lesgaft, who is considered the father of physical education in Russia.

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