Linda Moore, a United States Sports Academy Board of Trustee member, presents a Distinguished Service Award to University of St. Francis baseball coach Gordie Gillespie.

University of St. Francis baseball coach Gordie Gillespie, the winningest coach in college baseball history, received a Distinguished Service Award (DSA) from the United States Sports Academy. Academy Board of Trustee member Dr. Linda Moore, the senior director of business administration for ESPN, made the presentation on 21 December 2009.

Gillespie, who turns 84 in April 2010, will begin his 58th season of coaching baseball next year. He has compiled a career record of 1,816 wins and 922 losses. More than half his victories have come at St. Francis, where he coached from 1977 through 1995 and again from 2006 until the present.

Gillespie has been inducted into 16 halls of fame, including the College Baseball Hall of Fame this past summer, and is a four-time National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Coach of the Year. Gillespie’s 1993 team won the first national championship in St. Francis school history, regardless of sport.

The DSA is given annually to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to national or international sports through instruction, research or service. The DSA is separate from the Academy’s Awards of Sport and each recipient also receives the coveted Order of the Eagle Exemplar for their achievements.

Each nominee must possess an extensive background in sports. This means that the individual must have had significant dealings in either instruction, research or service in sports for more than 10 years.