Luongo Painting "America's Dream"

“America’s Dream” by Aldo Luongo

When you ask contemporary artist Aldo Luongo what his passion is, you will get two answers: art and soccer. He has been lucky enough to have pursued both of these dreams during his lifetime so far, and continues to show his artwork at exhibits and art shows across the world. The combination of desire and skill Luongo possesses are communicated through his work the moment his paint brush touches the canvas.

The emotion that Luongo paints across these canvases, coupled with his true passion and expertise, is the reason the Buenos Aries-born painter was named the Sport Artist of the Year by the Academy in 1999.

Reproductions of his black and white drawings were Luongo’s first major success back in the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands of his sketches were collected from all around the world, making him a major international artist. His art career continued to blossom from that point on bringing him to the top of the contemporary art world for almost four decades. Named a three-time official Olympic Artist (Summer 1988, Summer 1996 and Winter 2002), an official World Cup Artist in 1998, and the official U.S. Women’s Cup Artist in 1999, Luongo is no stranger to having his artwork on display for all of the world to admire.

His art dances between a celebration and sadness, hope and humor, freedom and control, and has often been referred to as “Romance on Canvas,” for the different sense of emotions that his art can reveal.  His numerous collections with wide-ranging subjects are what make his artwork easy to enjoy and appreciate for almost anyone who has the opportunity to view his work.

Prior to his art career taking off in 1970s, Luongo pursued his other passion, soccer. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Luongo moved to New York to play professional soccer for the New York Generals. An unfortunate injury cut his playing career short, and so he began to dream of following his artwork full time. A dream that has he has carried with him since childhood.

Luongo is still following that dream to this day, as he just unveiled a new collection and introduced his collection A Great Pinot at the Aldo Luongo Art Show. The show was held at the Lahaina Galleries in Newport Beach, Calif. on Saturday, 16 May.

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