SportsTalk PanelSports fans mark your calendars for 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday for the next edition of the United States Sports Academy’s Sports Talk program.

Moderated by Dr. Arthur Ogden, Chair of Sports Management at USSA, the program features commentary on a wide range of current events in the sporting world from a panel of experts from The Sports Academy.

This week the Sports Talk panel will focus on the NCAA’s Antitrust Status and along with Dr. Ogden, the panel will include: Dr. Bill Steffen, Chair of Sports Coaching; and Dr. Fred Cromartie, Director of Doctoral Studies.

To view the panel discussion live, visit the Academy’s Google Plus page at

The program will also be available for viewing afterwards at the USSA’s YouTube site at The USSA’s Sports Talk program features discussions on current sports topic each week by Academy faculty and staff.

Some questions that the panel will discuss on Wednesday include:

1.      Where is the NCAA headed with these rulings and these cases?

2.      What exactly are the Title IX implications?  The implications for tax liabilities for players and universities?

3.      What impact will this have on the “Olympic Sports”?

4.      If the plaintiffs in these cases prevail, what does that do to the overall NCAA structure?

5.      In your opinion what does this mean for the NCAA’s traditional model of “amateur”?

6.      Is there anything the NCAA can do at this point to prevail in these cases?  Pivot and re-shape its approaches to the athletes?  “Sanction” the CFL members?  Comply with many or most of the “concerns” of student-athletes?

7.      Ultimately, will there be a new model of collegiate sport if the NCAA loses all of the present cases?

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