The United States Sports Academy has added three new emphases to its one-of-a-kind doctoral program.

The programs will be implemented beginning with the summer term, which begins in June. The new emphases are in the areas of Sports Coaching, Fitness and Health, and Sports Theory.

The program is delivered 100 percent online and has recently adopted a portfolio to replace comprehensive exams.

Each emphasis consists of three classes, which are three semester hours and require class papers. A description of each emphasis and the classes required follow:

Sports Coaching

SAB 657
Psychology of Elite Performance: Examines psychological factors that are most critical to elite sport performances.
SAB 670
Selected Readings in Sports Coaching: Students conduct a series of literature reviews about an approved sports coaching topic.
SAB 671
Advanced Coaching Theories: Students may select sports coaching readings from a preselected reading list in order to complete a series of book reports. Readings consist of topics such as leadership, communication, management, skill acquisition and risk management.

Fitness and Health

SAR 710
Advanced Exercise Physiology and Scientific Principles in Fitness and Health: Designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of exercise physiology and scientific principles used to evaluate physiological components. Prerequisite course: Masters Level Exercise Physiology.
SAR 715
Contemporary Issues in Health and Fitness: Students evaluate hot topics in the health and fitness industry in the field of nutrition, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, cardio-respiratory fitness and body composition. Prerequisite course: Masters Level Exercise Physiology.
SAR 720
Advanced Strength and Conditioning: Designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the physiological principles, mechanisms, and program design necessary to plan, evaluate and modify exercise programs. Prerequisite course: SAR 710.

Sports Theory

SAB 659
Group Dynamics in Sports: Examines the influence of teams on the individual performance and the influence of individuals on team performance in sports settings.
SAM 735
Strategic planning for Sports Organizations: Designed to provide analysis of strategic planning, including the development of vision and mission statements and the use of environmental scans, gap analysis, action planning and benchmarking.
SAB 791
The goal for this course is to conduct database searches on an approved topic in sports theory. In this course students will present a comprehensive analysis and application of the approved topic within the scope of sports theory. It is advisable to compile readings and research on topics that may relate to one’s dissertation topic.