Academy Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dr. T.J. Rosandich is leaving Nov. 19 for a trip to China, the Middle East and Malaysia to oversee and to conduct meetings on the Academy’s international programs.

Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich (left) presents a Certificate of Merit to Katie McCleary (center) in recognition of her dedication and contributions to the Department of Instructional Design as Dr. Stephen Butler, Director of Curriculum and Design, looks on.

Dr. William Steffen, the Academy’s new chair of Sports Coaching, presented at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Director of Coaching courses Oct. 12-14 at the University of Delaware. He addressed Developing a Mental Skills Program, Creating a Club Culture and Practice: Ideas and Applications to nearly 40 coaches, who came from as far away as Russia and who all oversee coaching staffs for soccer clubs.

Dr. Marion “Will” Evans, the Academy’s Dean of Academic Affairs, attended the American Public Health Association’s 140th annual meeting Oct. 28-31 in San Francisco. He presented a paper on screening use in health education and clinical practice.

Dr. Wirt Edwards, the Academy’s chair of Sports Exercise Science, was published recently in the Medicina Sportiva for research he helped conduct on the effects of chromium supplementation on body composition in intercollegiate female swimmers during a competitive season. The results suggest that chromium picolinate may increase fat-free mass and decrease percent body fat versus training alone.

Dr. Stephen Butler, the Director of Curriculum and Design, serves on the Board of Directors of the Big Sur International Marathon, which is holding its half marathon event Sunday, Nov. 18 in Monterrey, Calif. Butler has run 24 marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice.

Katie McCleary, the Academy’s Interaction Information Designer, was honored with the university’s Certificate of Merit for her outstanding work in Instructional Design, while the department lacked a director and two designers.


The Eighth International Olympic Committee (IOC) World Conference on Sport, Culture, and Education – Nov. 25-27 in Amsterdam, Netherlands