Academy Vice President and COO Dr. T.J. Rosandich will be a featured speaker at the 2014 World Leisure Congress being held in Mobile, Ala., September 6-12.

Dr. Nick Niccolai, an Academy Board of Trustees member, at the University of South Alabama’s 50th anniversary celebration was selected and honored as a top 50 Scholar/Researcher.

The Big Sur International Marathon raised more that $10,000 to honor those lost at the April 15 Boston Marathon. Dr. Stephen Butler, the Academy's Dean of Instructional Design and Technology/Chief Information Officer, has played a part in Big Sur's events for 13 years.

Dr. Stephen Butler, the Academy’s Dean of Instructional Design and Technology/Chief Information Officer, was the Elite Director at the 28th presentation of the Big Sur International Marathon held April 28 in California.

Organized by Betsy Smith, the Academy’s Director of Continuing Education and Special Projects, the Shanghai Sports Study Tour included a visit of about two dozen Shanghai swimming coaches to the United States May 5-13. The Academy’s Chair of Sports Management Dr. Arthur Ogden led the tour group on a visit to Auburn University’s athletic facilities. 

Dr. Wirt Edwards, the Academy’s Chair of Sports Exercise Science, and Dr. Conrad Woolsey, the Academy’s Chair of Sports Studies, will be presenting at the 60th annual meeting and 4th World Congress on “Exercise is Medicine” of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) from May 28 to June 1 in Indianapolis.

Dr. Tim DeVinney, an Academy National Faculty member, is teaching Sports Facilities and Event Management at the International Sports Academy in Singapore. He also plans to teach Leadership Principles in Sports, following the facilities course.

Robin Causey, the Academy’s Financial Aid Counselor, recently graduated from the University of South Alabama, receiving a Master of Business Administration.


International Beach Handball (IBH) Master course scheduled May 19-22 at the Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E. Second St., in Reno, Nev. More information regarding Beach Handball can be found here.

International Symposium on Higher Education Institution Leaders May 20-23 at the Athens Institution for Education and Research in Greece.

American College of Sports Medicine 60th annual meeting and 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine May 28-June 1 at Indianapolis, Ind.

3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development June 5-6 at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

NACDA and Affiliates Convention Week this year June 10-15, at the World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, Fla.