Abbot Shi Yongxin (right) of the Shaolin Temple in China received a new book, “Shaolin Kung Fu Secrets,” which the United States Sports Academy translated from an ancient Chinese manuscript. Grandmaster Steve Demasco (left), an Academy national faculty member, presented the book at the Shaolin Summit on May 21 in Los Angeles.

His Holiness Abbot Shi Yongxin, the spiritual leader of 200 million Chan Buddhists, accepted a new book on Shaolin philosophy that the United States Sports Academy has developed into an online course that will make the ancient Chinese text available worldwide.

Grandmaster Steve Demasco, a member of the Academy’s national faculty, provided the Abbot with an English translation of the book, “Shaolin Kung Fu Secrets,” during an official presentation at the first annual Shaolin Summit on Saturday, May 21 in Los Angeles. Demasco has played a major role in helping the Academy with the translation of the manuscript and development of the course called “The Philosophy of Shaolin Kung Fu.”

During his visit to the Academy’s Daphne, Ala., campus in November 2006 to receive his honorary doctorate, His Holiness gave to Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich a 1,500-year-old manuscript that described Shaolin philosophy as it relates to Kung Fu. The past three years, the Academy worked to translate its more than 800 pages from Ancient Chinese to Chinese and finally to English. The book given to the Abbot is bound in a black leather cover with gold lettering.

By using the ancient Shaolin teachings found in the book, the Academy also has created an online course that includes an introduction to the key tenets of the Shaolin philosophy, the rich political and religious history of the Shaolin Temple, and the importance of balance between the mental, physical, and spiritual in a healthy mind and body. The new online course is being done in collaboration with the Shaolin Temple and with the Abbot’s blessing. It will be offered soon to people across the globe.

The Shaolin Summit drew more than 2,000 participants to the daylong event that features, Shaolin Kung Fu demonstrations and lessons from key masters, an interview with the Abbot, a panel discussion on the influence of Shaolin on traditional and popular culture, and an announcement of the formation of the Shaolin Association of Americas, a non-profit organization created to provide better outreach to the West.