leach book coverUnited States Sport Academy alumnus and Washington State University head football coach Mike Leach is an author again.

Leach recently released his second book, entitled “Gernoimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior” after publishing an autobiography, “Swing Your Sword” in 2012. His current book focuses on leadership and how people can use personal experiences to build true leadership qualities.

Leach, who received his master’s degree in Sports Coaching from the Sports Academy in 1988, was named the institution’s Alumnus of the Year in 2003.

His newest book is a biography of Geronimo, the Apache chieftain who fought against the Mexican and Texan governments for decades during the Apache Wars. Leach says that he enjoys writing because it allows him to explore an area of interest and gain a greater understanding of the topic.

The topic is interesting to Leah because as a youngster he always chose to be the underdog Indian when playing cowboys and Indians. So naturally, Leach was interested in learning more about the greatest Indian military leader, Geronimo, the Apache warrior whose name is so symbolic of courage that World War II paratroopers shouted it as they leaped from airplanes into battle.

The story is set forth in the style of Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power and examines Geronimo’s leadership approach and the timeless strategies, decisions, and personal qualities that made him a success.

Raised in an unforgiving landscape, Geronimo and his band faced enemies better armed, equipped and greater in number. But somehow they won victories against all odds, beguiling the United States and Mexican governments and earning the respect and awe of those generals committed to hunting him down.

While some believed that Geronimo had supernatural powers, much of his genius can be ascribed to old-fashioned values such as relentless training and preparation, leveraging resources, finding ways to turn defeats into victories, and being faster and more nimble than his enemy. The tactics of Geronimo would be studied and copied by the U.S. military for generations.

Drawing on his fascination for Indian lore, Leach explains how the tribe’s organizational structure helped Geronimo be successful. He chronicles specific battles and shows how Geronimo got the most out of his warriors and outthought his enemies. Leach also captures the mysterious nature of leadership itself.

Geronimo’s life was shaped by many things including pain, pride, humility and family. In his book, Leach illustrates how people can use the forces and circumstances of our own lives to build true leadership.

Leach’s book is co-written with Buddy Levy, who is a writer, educator, public speaker. Levy is a co-star of the television series Brad Meltzer’s DECODED on HISTORY, which has run for two seasons. He also published a number of adventure-related books and articles.

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