Since the beginning of the United States Sports Academy, one of the top programs at the Academy has been the mentorship experience and today that still rings true based on comments from students and graduates.

The mentorship program allows students to perform on-the-job training in a sports-related organization based upon their desired future careers and receive academic credit. The mentorships are offered at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels with each having different requirements.

The Academy has certain qualifications that mentors must meet to ensure students are taught by knowledgeable and experienced persons. Among several of the required items, students and mentors compile a list of learning objectives based upon the organizational tasks to be performed, as well as, what the student desires to learn. Students are also required to submit monthly reports and a final mentorship paper.

“The vast majority of our students comment to us that the mentorship was the highlight of the program,” said Dr. Stephen Butler, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Academy.

An example of how rewarding the experience was for one student is revealed in his comment, “As a result of the mentorship, I have several job opportunities in the works. As an adult student, the design of the course work, instructor interaction, and the mentorship format is conducive to job relevancy. I can say proudly that I am wholly prepared to begin my career in collegiate athletics as a result of the United States Sports Academy.”

The program is equally valuable from the mentor side, evidenced from this recent comment, “The mentorship is a great way for the students to step into the real world and experience what it’s going to take to be successful in the sports field … Great program!”

Butler adds, “I personally had three students in the last few months who got great jobs as a result of their mentorship. Torre Becton is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Washington; BreLynn Nasypany is the Head Soccer Coach at an NCAA Division III soccer power; and Derek Williams is the Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Cincinnati State Community College.”

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