Presenting 25 years of great sport art, the United States Sports Academy has published its first digital book, Contemporary Sport Art: The Artist and The Athlete. Each artist profiled is a recipient of the prestigious Sport Artist of the Year Award.

The brainstorm of Academy President and CEO, Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, this intriguing combination of epic sports stories, artist biographies, and photos of dramatic sport art covers artists and athletes from across the globe throughout the exciting years that define sport as we experience it today.

Displaying over 350 color photos and 30 biographies of major world artists, the new digital publication, which can be viewed at, offers a unique opportunity to understand the rich history of sports and the evolution of attitudes toward all the parts of life that sports reflect. Captured for posterity in many of their defining career moments by renowned painters, photographers, and sculptors, the sports icons portrayed in the book include: baseball great, Jackie Robinson, by Kadir Nelson of California; gold medalist, Nastia Liukin, by Bruce Larsen of Alabama; football’s Forrest Gregg by Robert Riger of New York; Shaolin Kung Fu athletes by Gu Gan of China; Muhammad Ali by LeRoy Neiman of New York; Bear Bryant by Daniel A. Moore of Alabama; Bing Mah Yongs by Charles Billich of Australia; golf’s beloved Jack Nicklaus by Donald Moss of Massachusetts; Olympic myths by Daniel You of France; Red Sox 2004 World Series by Opie Otterstad of Texas; and the symbolic figure of Victory by Sergey Eylanbekov of New York.

The international scope of the artists and the athletes reflects the significant impact of sports in all cultures around the globe along with the key role that art plays in recording this colorful history. Because sport is a universal language and the transmitter of a society’s values, sport can teach important lessons about the path to excellence, the traits of heroism, the healthy response to both victory and defeat, and the immeasurable value of teamwork. The artworks featured in Contemporary Sport Art: The Artist and The Athlete record great moments in these epic confrontations for a wide audience of present and future art enthusiasts and sports fans to learn from and enjoy.

Academy President, Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich brought experienced writer, Anne Kent Rush, author of 15 books through Random House and Simon & Schuster, onboard as the book’s editor. Tobin Terry, a staff writer at the Academy also wrote chapters for the book. The Academy houses the impressive American Sport Art Museum and Archives open to the public and displaying more than 1500 works of sport art in paintings, sculptures, assemblages, prints, posters, and photographs.