Like many United States Sports Academy students, Hassan Dakroub is currently working in the sports profession and hopes to use his degree to take the next step in his career.

Dakroub, who is seeking his Bachelor of Sports Science degree in sports coaching, is currently working as an assistant football coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn, Mich. He hopes to use what he learns from the Academy to move up in the ranks among football coaches. He discovered the Academy after watching an interview with Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach, who holds a Master of Sports Science degree from the Academy.

“I was watching football videos online and found a video where Mike Leach was giving his team a pep talk,” Dakroub said. “The speech inspired me, then I found out that Mike Leach went to the Academy and I knew it was the place for me.

“I love that the Academy gives me the flexibility to work on my courses anytime and anywhere. I especially like the five-week (FastTrack) courses because I can go at a quick pace. Also, the faculty and staff members I’ve spoken to have been very helpful. Faculty members have given me great, critical feedback that is very important to me as a student.”

Dakroub, 22, loves coaching because of the relationships he has been able to establish with athletes, other coaches, and administrators who work behind the scenes.

“This is my first year coaching high school, and I’m constantly learning new things every day,” Dakroub said. “Coaching the game I love has been a great experience. I love working with the incredible people around me who are helping me grow along the way.

“Sports are important today because they truly have the power to change the world. Sports help young athletes develop discipline and character. Athletes also have the power to inspire the younger generation to chase their dreams. Sports are also entertainment and are beneficial to people’s mental health and physical wellbeing.”