Today’s Army is in need of research to support their new Physical Readiness Training System. Cory Schierberl, a Doctoral Teaching Assistant at the United States Sports Academy, is assisting in this effort by focusing his dissertation in this outstanding research endeavor. Physical Readiness Training (PRT), is the Army’s complete overhaul of their athletic performance approach for all 1.1 million service members. Schierberl’s research is focused on the different instructional methods for the Master Fitness Trainer Course, a four-week class designed to teach our soldiers the procedures for this new training system. During a recent visit to Fort Rucker in Dale County, Ala., Schierberl surveyed the war-fighters on their personal opinions of different teaching approaches as applied to the course. The main topic was how well the information is retained when comparing a traditional classroom-based learning environment to a distance learning approach. The Army Physical Fitness School believes it is an important endeavor that could provide outstanding data to help our armed services better increase performance and lower injury rates.