The United States Sports Academy has long been known for the breadth of its’ international programs, a feature that is sure to continue into the foreseeable future. Academy Vice-President and Chief Operating Office Dr. T.J. Rosandich visited with colleagues abroad over the past month in storied places including China, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

The business trip began in China, where Dr. Rosandich met with officials from the Shanghai Administration of Sports (SAS) to renew a contract for a sports coaching program. The contract continues the Academy’s long relationship with the SAS in providing sport education programs through the institution’s International Diploma in Sports Coaching (IDSC) program.

Following the visit to China, Dr. Rosandich traveled to Thailand where the Academy and the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) renewed their long-standing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for another five years. Under this arrangement, the Academy will continue to deliver its International Certification in Sport Coaching (ICSC) and International Certification in Sport Management (ICSM) programs in Bangkok; programs now in their eleventh year running. Also discussed were preliminary plans were also made for the SAT’s ninth annual Site Forum and Sports Study Tour through which selected students for this year’s participants in the certification programs are afforded the opportunity to visit of sports venues and meet with their American counterparts in this country.

Dr. Rosandich then traveled from Thailand to Malaysia to follow-up on the 2014 International Diploma in Physical Education and Sport Coaching (IDPESC) program. The Academy’s relationship with Malaysia began when it became an independent nation in 1957. Some 973 Malaysian school teachers who participated in the IDPESC program in 2014 are currently doing the practical portion of the program through which they seek to apply the new-found skills from the classroom to the workplace through a series of structured exercises. The progress of the teachers in this task, together with plans for the next installment of the program slated to begin later this year were reviewed.

From Malaysia, Dr. Rosandich traveled to the United Arab Emirates, where he met with the institution’s colleagues in Dubai. Dr. Khalid M Al Hashimi, the CEO of Edrak, and Dr. Rosandich renewed the representational agreement between the organizations and reviewed plans for implementing a series of sport education programs throughout the Arabian Gulf region. Among these are the ICSC, ICSM and IDPESC programs referenced above as well as a Football (soccer) Club Manager’s licensing scheme to boost professionalism in the professional football league in the UAE.

The visit to the Arabian Gulf included a visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain where the Academy delivered its’ first education and service programs almost 40 years ago. There Dr. Rosandich met with the Secretary General of the Bahrain National Olympic Committee (BNOC), Mr. Abdulrahman Asker and discussed the training needs of the BNOC for the coming year.

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