cory schierberlThe United States Sports Academy is conducting research on the City of Daphne Police and Fire Departments to assist in the long-term health of their officers. The research addressed holiday eating habits and the results of those habits.

Cory Schierberl, a doctoral teaching assistant at the Academy, conducted body composition analysis on the officers using the Academy’s BOD POD technology. BOD POD technology analyzes body composition and resting metabolic rates. The information from the analysis guides individuals on the management of calorie intake to help maintain or lose weight. He is testing 23 of the local Fire and Police Departments for body composition changes over the holiday season. The participants were tested in the BOD POD once before Thanksgiving Day and once after New Year’s Day for a before and after study. The results will be used to help provide their commanders with useful tools to help enhance health and performance standards of the force.

Schierberl is a teaching assistant at the Academy working on his Doctorate in Sport Management. He has a B.S. in Nutrition in Community Health from Ohio State University and a M.S. in Coaching Education from Ohio University. He will be following up with the officers on dietary guidance and physical training recommendations so that they can enhance their healthy lifestyle habits.

“I wanted to analyze pre and post- holiday weight measurement to add to our knowledge of healthy lifestyle management. It was an honor to work with the City of Daphne police and fire departments so that we could all benefit from their leadership’s proactive stance on enhancing their officer’s health and readiness,” said Schierberl.

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