For the first time ever the United States Sports Academy is offering an online, video-driven personal fitness course showcasing the Finnish FasciaMethod concept to the general public around the world.

The Academy in August 2018 signed a cooperative agreement with the Finnish company ProFTraining Finland to provide educational opportunities to students in Finland, as well as to integrate that company’s health care techniques into Academy coursework. As part of the agreement, the Academy is now offering an online, video-led continuing education course featuring ProFTraining’s myofascial training concepts, called the FasciaMethod.

In the course, students will learn what the FasciaMethod is and how it differs from other mobility training concepts. Students will learn about its main approaches and why FasciaMethod is such an effective body maintenance concept. Students will learn why active dynamic chain mobility training like the FasciaMethod is the most recommended method to develop mobility and movement control. Video demonstrations of FasciaMethod exercises are led by technique developers and trainers Anne Puranen and Viivi Kettukangas.

After completing the course students will be able to plan and instruct their own FasciaMethod body maintenance program for themselves, their clients or for a group fitness session.

The Academy is offering the self-paced, 10-module course at an introductory price of $250, a $100 discount, for a limited time. Students can register for the course online here.

“This course launch is a historic event for the Academy in many ways,” Academy vice president of academic affairs Dr. Tomi Wahlström said. “It is the beginning of our new strategy to offer courses to general public, as well as the first time we offer a course developed by our partners. In addition, this course shows our new technological standard with the use of multimedia including online tutorials, videos, audio files, and digital handouts. This course is our new benchmark and vision for all of our courses, in degree programs as well as continuing education courses.”

The Academy’s FasciaMethod course is part of a new initiative by the institution to offer more consumer-targeted post-secondary, non-degree sports education courses through its Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education.

Since its founding nearly a half-century ago, the Academy has leveraged its role and resources as a special mission sports university to make a global impact through quality sport instruction, research and service programs in 65 countries around the world. These contributions have varied in scope from the full-charge conduct of a nation’s entire national sport effort to individual coaching clinics, seminars, and symposia.   Clients have included central sports organizations (CSOs, such as ministries of youth and sports), national Olympic committees, ministries of education (for physical education and interscholastic sport programs) and sport associations and federations. The Academy’s international includes some 50 Protocols for Cooperation with sports organizations or institutions of higher learning around the world.

ProFTraining Finland Ltd. is a Finnish company which specializes in sports concepts to provide solutions for well-being and an energetic life. The company was founded 2015 by Varsta, Puranen, Ms. Viivi Kettukangas, and Ms. Raisa Varsta. The concepts are developed by experienced physiotherapists and sports professionals to meet the demanding needs of both well-being and sports professionals and consumers. The concepts are designed for sports training, body care and rehabilitation to individuals and group exercises. For information, go to