Charles Temple in Shanghai

United States Sports Academy National Faculty member Charles Temple, center, recently taught in the Academy’s international sports education program in Shanghai, China, that prepares former elite athletes there for careers as coaches.

DAPHNE, Ala. – United States Sports Academy National Faculty members Dr. Phillip Capps and Charles Temple recently taught in the Academy’s international sports education program in Shanghai, China, that prepares former elite athletes there for careers as coaches.

Capps taught sports administration for coaches and Temple taught sport coaching methodology as part of the Academy’s International Diploma in Sports Coaching (IDSC) program in Shanghai. Conducted by the Academy and the Shanghai Municipal Authority of Sports (SMAS), the program provides classroom instruction, experiential learning, and educational travel to the United States for former elite athletes in the Shanghai area to prepare them for careers in coaching and athletic related fields.

The Academy provides a comprehensive coaching education program for the SMAS.  Each student attends 10 coaching courses that teach the core skills of coaching theory. These courses form a foundation of sport coaching skills that all coaches, regardless of their particular sport, must master to be successful.  Students who successfully complete the program become better qualified coaches in their respective sports.

Following the classroom sessions taught by Academy faculty in China, the students enroll in the mentorship or experiential training portion of the program in China. This practical, hands-on training is designed to encourage the students to integrate the theory to which they were exposed in the classroom into a real-world setting.  After that mentorship, approximately 20 students will travel to the United States this summer for the Shanghai Municipal Authority of Sport U.S. Mentorship, where they will visit athletic facilities around the country and take classes from faculty on the Academy campus.

Capps in Shanghai

Dr. Phillip Capps recently taught in the Academy’s international sports education program in Shanghai, China, that prepares former elite athletes there for careers as coaches.

Graduates of the IDSC gain the expertise needed for top level careers in the field of sports coaching and are able to apply this expertise daily in their coaching profession.  Additionally, the leadership skills they learn are passed on to the next generation of coaches, encouraging the continued success of their athletic programs as the knowledge is shared between coaches and athletes in their fields.

“Each international assignment with the United States Sports Academy has provided me a completely different experience,” Capps said.

“China was a different experience and very educational.

“To actually see China’s athlete sport development facility in Shanghai and be a part of educating the coaches in the development program was awesome.

“The students were very engaging.  They are interested in course materials and learning about the United States.  They were especially interested in my personal stories about interactions with former President Bill Clinton and other political figures.  Probably my best conversation in class was about the NBA.  I had students who were very knowledgeable and had good insight into the possible trades and free agents that would effect next season.”

“This is one of the best teaching situations to have the opportunity to work in,” Temple said.

“Every facility you could need in teaching was on location. We could use any one of the 10 outdoor soccer pitches, table tennis venue, badminton courts, volleyball courts, indoor soccer field, fitness centers, natatorium and rowing center as well as all of the equipment and supplies with which to teach.

“I loved the atmosphere with all of coaches and athletes on the campus. The men’s Chinese National Sand Volleyball team was practicing while my class was going on as well as the national rowing teams, U20 Women’s National Chinese Soccer team and many other athletes were practicing at the same time.

“The class was composed of energetic and ready to learn former National Chinese athletes looking forward to starting or continuing their next career as a coach for their respective teams. I hope my students make it as quality coaches. The coaching clinics they conducted were the best part of the class for me.

“It was a fantastic experience.”

Pool in ShanghaiCapps earned his Doctor of Education degree in sports management from the Academy and has served in college campus student life, sports and recreational positions throughout his career. Capps currently works as president of aquatic management for Swim Macon Pool Management in Georgia, serving as a safety trainer and pool operator at various swim clubs.

Temple is an experienced college athletic administrator, coach and instructor in higher education with more than 38 years of experience. He also currently teaches fitness, sports coaching and sports management courses at Asbury University in Wilmore, Ky., where he resides.

Capps and Temple have previously taught for the Academy in the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

The United States Sports Academy is an independent, non-profit, accredited, special mission sports university created to serve the nation and world with programs in instruction, research and service. The role of the Academy is to prepare men and women for careers in the profession of sports.

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