DAPHNE, Ala. – Members of the United States Sports Academy’s Non-Resident Faculty recently came from around the country to join the Resident Faculty for two days of training and collaboration at the Academy’s campus in Daphne, Ala., with both groups featuring numerous Academy alumni.

The training sessions gave the Non-Resident Faculty the opportunity to collaborate with the Academy’s Resident Faculty, leadership and doctoral teaching assistants.  Academy degrees of those in attendance are noted in parentheses.
USSA Faculty
Front row, from left: Director of Sports Management Dr. Brandon Spradley (Ed.D. United States Sports Academy), President Emeritus Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, President and CEO Dr. Thomas J. Rosandich (M.S.S. and Ed.D. United States Sports Academy), Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Stephen Butler, and Chair of Sports Coaching Dr. Bret Simmermacher (D.S.M. United States Sports Academy).

Middle row, from left: Non-Resident Faculty members Dr. Mike Culpepper, Dr. Mike Spino, Dr. Marty Avant (D.S.M. United States Sports Academy), Dr. Tim Rice (M.S.S. and D.S.M. United States Sports Academy), Dr. Les Dutko (D.S.M. United States Sports Academy), Dr. Dexter Davis (Ed.D. United States Sports Academy), Dr. Tim Newman (D.S.M. United States Sports Academy), and doctoral teaching assistants Sara Weber and Wanyi Tang.

Back row, from left: Doctoral teaching assistants Benjamin Billman and Alex Hoffmann; Chair of Sports Exercise Science Dr. Vincent Ramsey; Non-Resident Faculty members Dr. Erwei Dong and Dr. Donn Renwick; Chair of Recreation Management Dr. Rodney Blackman; doctoral teaching assistant Jason Williams; and Non-Resident Faculty members Dr. Stan Drawdy, Dr. Jordan Moon and Dr. Bob Stinchcomb (Ed.D. United States Sports Academy).