Growing up racing dirt bikes and sprint cars competitively, Ashley Schnorf has always been a woman competing in a field typically dominated by men. Schnorf, the United States Sports Academy’s latest Student of the Month, hopes her Academy education can help her stay in that same lane as she tries to break into the world of professional football.

Schnorf is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Sports Science degree in sports coaching from the Academy. When she graduates, she’s already planned to take the next step and enter the Academy’s Master of Sports Science degree program.

“I want to use my Academy education to intern and work within the professional football industry,” Schnorf said. “My overall goal is to one day become a head coach in the National Football League. I want to use my education and experience to progress through the ranks of the sports industry beginning at the interscholastic level, advancing through the collegiate level, and into the professional levels of sport.”

A resident of Monterey, Calif., Schnorf said she’s been inspired by the women who have been hired in professional sports roles traditionally filled by men.

“It is exciting that women have made tremendous strides in predominantly male sports,” she said. “Many women now hold officiating, coaching, and participation positions. It is encouraging to witness so many incredible women tearing down stereotypical boundaries and pursuing their dreams. Like these women, my goal is to make advancements and positive change throughout the sports industry. I want to someday be able to use my education I have received from the Academy as a platform to empower and encourage others to fulfill their dreams and support their journey. I wish to provide others with the education, experiences, and resources they need to be successful.”

Schnorf said she’s nearing the completion of her bachelor’s degree program. She earned associate’s degrees from Monterey Peninsula College before transferring into the Academy’s upper division – junior and senior year – bachelor’s program.

“I found out about the Academy through recommendations from friends who work within the professional sports industry including players, coaches, and referees,” she said. “I wanted to study with the Academy to broaden my sports education and allow me to become one step closer in achieving my educational and employment goals.

“In the Academy’s online learning environment, I am able to take my time, study hard, and learn at my own pace. The Academy’s staff and faculty are exceptional. Instructors are extremely down to earth and it is evident that they want their students to succeed. Other staff and faculty members are genuine, helpful, and always willing to lend a helping hand to the Academy’s students. I love USSA so much.”