Making Knowledge out of Information

The Robert Block Library proudly offers a dissertation research and writing program, to be held November 13-15, 2019. The purpose of this 3-day event is to help you focus on your research and writing as you work toward completion of your dissertation. The workshop is designed to assist graduate students at all stages of research. Examine your ideas and attitudes toward the dissertation process and develop your toolset to effectively complete a quality dissertation.

Will I Benefit from this Program?

  • Are you struggling with your dissertation?
  • Do you feel like your writing is going in circles?
  • Do you want to find a unique scholarly voice?
  • Are you afraid that you won’t be able to get through the dissertation process?
  • Do you know what it takes to create a productive relationship with your committee?
  • Are you having problems conceptualizing your research study?
  • Do you need guidance on how to craft a literature review that is thoughtful and relevant?

Registration Fees:
$500 for currently enrolled USSA students.
No refunds after 15 October 2019

Register Online Today!
  • Jumpstart or move forward on your research.
  • 3 days of intensive support.
  • Individualized feedback.
  • Contact with experts.
  • Cultivate your scholarly identity.
  • Learn strategies to improve your writing.
  • Break your dependency on external feedback.
  • Understand the internal logic of the dissertation.
  • Learn and share best practices with your peers.
  • Faculty coaching.
  • Box Lunch provided.

Dissertation Writing intensive will NOT

  • Provide proofreading or focus on sentence-level editing or other matters related to standard written English
  • Serve as a replacement for ongoing communication with your dissertation committee.

Tentative Schedule at a Glance

Time Day 1—Wednesday Day 2—Thursday Day 3—Friday
8:15-8:30 am Daily check-in and arrival Daily check-in and arrival Daily check-in and arrival
8:30-9:00 am Welcome Community Building Writing an Abstract
9:00 am Greet a Grad Student Faculty Ted Talks What’s in a TITLE
The Sports Journal
9:50 am Break Break Break
10:00 am How to Read a Journal Article Chair Round Tables Qualitative Methods
11:00 am Managing Your Research Quantitative Methods Create a Curriculum Vitae
Noon Box Lunch Box Lunch Box Lunch
1:00 pm Writing and Time Management USSA Style Guide and Dissertation Formatting Demystifying the IRB Approval Process
2:00 pm Parts of a Dissertation One on One Faculty Consultations and Library/Research

(30 min sessions)

Speaker (TBA)
2:50 pm Break
3:00 pm Types of Literature Reviews Experience Survey
4:00 pm Dissertation Walk Independent Time
5:00 pm End of Day Independent Time Farewell
6:00 pm Evening on your own Reception