LifeTrack and FastTrack FAQs

Updated Dates and Deadlines

Please see the below calendar for start and end dates for courses as well as payment deadlines for each term’s registration. If you want more information about how this change may affect your program of study, contact your advisor

Fall Term Registration Opens on August 10

Payment Deadline  Start Date  Fall Term 2023  End Date 
August 26 September 7 LifeTrack I December 27
FastTrack I October 11
September 30 October 12 LifeTrack II January 31
FastTrack II November 15
October 28 November 16 LifeTrack III March 7
FastTrack III December 20

Spring Term Registration Opens on December 5

Payment Deadline  Start Date  Spring Term 2023  End Date 
December 30 January 11 LifeTrack I May 2
FastTrack I February 14
January 27 February 15 LifeTrack II June 6
FastTrack II March 21
February 24 March 22 LifeTrack III July 11
FastTrack III April 25

Summer Term Registration Opens on March 20

Payment Deadline  Start Date  Summer Term 2023  End Date 
April 21 May 3 LifeTrack I August 22
FastTrack I June 6
May 26 June 7 LifeTrack II September 26
FastTrack II July 11
June 30 July 12 LifeTrack III October 31
FastTrack III August 15

What is the structure of LifeTrack courses and FastTrack courses?

  • All courses will consist of five modules with deadlines built into the course structure.
  • 5-week FastTrack courses consist of five modules with up to 1 week per module. Assignments will have weekly deadlines in FastTrack courses.
  • 16-week LifeTrack courses consist of five modules with up to 3 weeks per module. Assignments will have deadlines throughout the 16-week period in LifeTrack courses. 

What is the course extension policy?

  • You may purchase only one 5-week extension for any individual course. In addition, you must request the course extension from the instructor via email by the Friday prior to the course end date.