Eagle's Nest

The Eagle’s Nest

Eagle's Nest ClassThe Eagle’s Nest is a multi-purpose facility on the campus of the United States Sports Academy. It serves as a meeting space for students, faculty, staff, and various civic groups. The meeting room provides a quaint area for sit down conversations and refreshments. The Eagle’s Nest used for faculty and staff meetings as way to step out of the office and focus on the topic of the day.

The classroom is wired for video projection and sound to provide the amenities of teaching and presentations. This area is ideal for larger meetings, lectures, and presentations. The use of the classroom is often combined with the use of the meeting room to provide spacious seating and place to enjoy refreshments.

Eagle's Nest Game RoomEveryone needs a time to relax. A billiards room is located in the back for a moment to relax and socialize. The wide veranda has picnic tables to enjoy the temperate winters and breezy summers. The outdoor activity area serves as a place for picnics, games, and cookouts.