Successfully Educating The World In Sport

Beginning with an international education and training program in Bahrain in 1976, the Academy’s global reach has spread to nearly every corner of the globe with programs in some 67 countries.

These have included special seminars and symposia, post-secondary non-degree education programs such as the International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) and Sports Coaching (ICSC), International Diploma in Sports Management (IDSM) and Sports Coaching (IDSC) and Physical Education (IDPESC) as well as the institution’s degree programs.

Over the decades, the Academy has helped sports organizations of all types to develop effective and comprehensive sport programs. These have varied in size from those requiring hundreds of personnel to a few, specially targeted disciplines.

If you would like more information about work done in a specific country, please contact the Director of the Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education at