The United States Sports Academy (USSA) operates in an environment of disruption. While all higher education institutions nationally and internationally are experiencing disruptions caused by demographic trends yielding smaller pools of traditional college-age students, declining enrollments, changing student demands, automation, employer shifts from traditional college credentials in hiring, and digital technology innovations in delivery; small niche market education institutions like USSA are especially vulnerable. With the complexities involved with foreign student study, the addition of several very competitive sports
administration online graduate programs in our area priced at state system levels, and a shrinking adult online market of over 30% predicted in the next three years, the Academy faces extreme challenges for recruitment and enrollment for 2024-2027.

This Strategic Plan is designed to enable USSA to not only survive, but to thrive in such a competitive and amorphic enrollment environment by positioning the Academy for leadership in key areas. The plan is built upon five strategic goals: Educate, Lead, Value, Build, and Impact. Each goal is supported by a series of strategies to help the institution achieve each strategy. Finally, there are specific targets and milestones that measure how USSA is performing on each goal. This measurement system is in place for the duration of the plan and drives the outcomes assessment program implemented by the university.

USSA Strategic Goals: 2024-2027

Goal 1: Educate A Superior Brand of Sports Education
Goal 2: Lead The Gold Standard for Sports Education Leadership
Goal 3: Value A Superior Investment in Your Future
Goal 4: Build Build Excellent Human Resources, Physical Facilities, and Digital Infrastructure
Goal 5: Impact Promote an Institution of Global Impact by Providing the Very Best Higher Education in Sports Study