Specialized Programs and the “Visit the USA” Opportunities

SAT Graduation 15 September 2017

The Academy recognizes that the training needs of sport organizations can be extremely varied. To address these needs, the Academy has worked with various sport organizations and educational institutions in the United States to develop and deliver specialized sport education and training programs for our international partners.

Past programs have included on-site physical training and in-classroom experiences at organizations such as the United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, Red Bull USA, Mamba Sports Academy, and the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).

NBA Experience

Beyond these unique education and training programs, the Academy has also offered its expertise in consulting and assessment programs. Examples of the former include facility consulting for the planning and construction of sport facilities to, in the case of the latter, providing study teams to assess the effectiveness of a nation’s national sports effort. The Academy will work with the organization in question to develop the appropriate proposals upon request.

These programs are arranged on a case-by-case basis with the pricing for such programs dependent upon factors such as the length of the visit and the activities to be undertaken therein. Here, too, the Academy can provide quotations based upon the needs of the sport organization. Queries for these services should be directed to the Academy’s Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education.

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