Communications Department

Department of Communications & Marketing

The Department of Communications and Marketing’s mission is to promote the Academy’s strategic objectives in sport education, cultivate a culture of communication among internal and external members of the Academy family and steward the Academy brand by showcasing the benefits of an Academy education for United States constituents and students around the world.

Priorities for the Department of Communications and Marketing

  • To promote the benefits of an Academy education by telling its stories, promoting its alumni and faculty to the public, and sharing information about its many international programs
  • To strengthen and protect the Academy brand with consistent visuals and messaging in all of the institution’s internal and external communications
  • To ensure the Academy’s brand and message is used consistently in all online vehicles, social media applications and print products
  • To support the Academy’s faculty, staff and partners both domestic and international in their own marketing and communications strategies


Eric Mann
Director of Communications and Marketing
251-626-3303 ext: 7244