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Department of Academic Affairs

The Division of Academic Affairs is where the mission of the United States Sports Academy is accomplished. Although the missions of the other divisions in the Academy are essential, taking care of each Academy student through quality academic programs and world class instruction is what makes the Academy “America’s Sports University.” Within Academic Affairs are the following academic departments: Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Exercise Science, and Sports Studies. Each department has a full-time resident faculty member who serves either as the department chair or the director. The Chair/Director supervises faculty members within his/her department and monitors the performance of faculty members teaching classes within his/her department. They also serve as subject matter experts for their particular discipline.

In addition to the academic departments, the Director of Doctoral Studies is also assigned to Academic Affairs. This full-time resident faculty member oversees the world’s largest doctoral program in sports. The Office of Continuing Education (CE) is another important entity within Academic Affairs. This office oversees the Academy’s international programs around the world that are non-degree post-secondary programs. This department also oversees the certificate and certification programs that professionals in the world of sports use for CE units to enhance their professional development or maintain certification in their respective sports-related fields.

Finally, the Academy Library is also an essential unit within Academic Affairs. This specialized library houses one of the largest collections of sports-related materials in the world. The uniqueness of the Academy’s library and the outstanding collection of sports-related materials make the Academy library an essential contributor to the world wide inter-library loan process. The Academy, on average, loans seven items to other schools for every one requested by Academy students or faculty members. The Library is also a proud member of the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (NAAL).


Dr. Fred Cromartie
Vice President of Academic Affairs
251-626-3303 ex: 7158