At the United States Sports Academy, we believe in offering courses that fit your busy lifestyle. You deserve an education that advances your career, teaches you new skills or challenges you to grow. That’s why we have created The Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education (CPSCE).

Professional Studies – Continuing Education Courses


The Center for professional Studies and Continuing Education (CPSCE) partners with businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits to provide post secondary, vocational, non-degree courses and certificates that meet the needs of the busy ADULT LEARNER AND PROFESSIONAL. Following completion, students earn continuing education units (CEUS) from the United States Sports Academy in courses and programs that are convenient, cost effective, and applicable to career goals. 


Interested in taking a professional or continuing education course? Are you hoping to partner with us to either customize a course or offer a course, event or workshop? Look at the resources below to learn how to enroll or propose a new CPSCE course offering!


Before you enroll, make sure that you understand the fees and policies for professional and continuing education courses.


A transcript from USSA-CPSCE can provide proof for an employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed an online course.


Contact the Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education at 800-223-2668 or email us at